The Ultimate Callus Eliminator

Be Natural's Callus Eliminator


The older Betty gets, the more her feet look like wheels of dried-up cheese. It is unfortunate and until recently she had no idea how to rid those ugly, dry, crackled, callous-ridden feet, apart from $50 pedicures; which is not in her frugal budget.

Betty was on a mission to come up with an alternative. She tried every kind of fancy foot moisturizer, callus scraper, cheese-grater, cutter and slicer. With frustration in tow, she visited her local Pedicurist and found the miracle, Be Natural’s Callus Eliminator. This professional grade, 4 oz. bottle can be purchased for under $12 and should last you for quite some time.

Please Read Label Directions Before Use!

Home Callus Removing Pedicure


1 pair of Latex Gloves
1 Bucket filled with Warm Water
1 Bath Towel
Be Natural Callus Eliminator
1 Buffer


• Put on Latex Gloves.

• Soak feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes.

• Remove 1 foot from water and pat dry. Keep towel placed under your foot.

• Apply Gel directly onto your calluses. (It can be a messy job!)

• Make sure your foot does not come in contact with anything else. It is best if kept dangling off the floor. Wait 3-5 minutes and buff away the calluses.

• Rinse foot with water, removing all gel. Pat dry.

• Repeat with other foot.

No cuts or open bloody wounds. It is a miracle in a bottle and has taken twenty years off of Betty's feet. Thank you Be Natural! Betty is truly grateful!

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