Stop Microwaving with Plastic Wrap!

Up until recently, every time Betty used the microwave, she covered her leftovers with plastic wrap. NO MORE! Even though the packaging says microwave safe, she is out!

She noticed that more often than not, the plastic wrap melted. She said it is fine if the food is FAR out of the plastic's reach. But if it is not, melt melt melt. Betty prefers to eat food, not plastic.

She scanned the Warnings and Directions on the box, and it said that to prevent wrap from melting, foods that are high in fat or sugar should not come into contact with the plastic. The warning is right on the box, and no one pays attention.

As an alternative to plastic wrap, Betty and her Misfit Crew would like to suggest covering foods with either a paper towel, paper plate or coffee filter. If you MUST use plastic wrap for steaming, etc. then place a paper plate, paper towel or coffee filter between the food and the plastic wrap.

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