Recycled Egg Cartons

Every time Betty made hard boiled eggs, she always had to think about how she was going to separate the cooked from the raw eggs, once refrigerated. It was stupid and trivial, but every time, non-fail, she pondered it, even after 20 years of cooking.

She could do any of the following, but felt it took too much time and memory:

  • Mark each egg and put them back in their original carton (with the raw)
  • Put them in separate refrigerator drawers.

So after 20 years, she finally came up with an option that she was happy about:

  • Keep an empty Egg Carton labeled "Hard-Boiled” in your kitchen pantry. Write on the top, sides, back and bottom of the carton. It may be over kill but she is pretty sure that her eyes are going, as well as her ability to pay attention.

Betty is very secure in the fact that everything in her home, including an egg carton, should be Misfit-Proofed. She is not ashamed of it so stop judging her, even though she has given you just cause!

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