Frizzy & Unmanageable Hair

Pure Jojoba Oil


Betty, like most women, can have unbelievably tragic hair days. She considers her hair "frizzy with a smidgen of body". Everyday she must choose between using the straightening iron or curling iron and that choice, she says, is not taken lightly.

Betty has finally said goodbye to bad hair days with Pure Jojoba Oil. Her hair always looks soft, shiny and bouncy.


Pure Jojoba Oil: 3 drops (Medium-length hair) or 4 drops (Long-length hair)


• After hair has been dried, pour Jojoba Oil into the palm of your hand.

• Rub hands together and run through hair.

Careful not to use too much, because it may give your hair an oily appearance. Pure Jojoba Oil can be found at Trader Joe's® for $ 6.99 (4 fl. oz.) and should last you for up to 1 year.

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