Erase the Mistakes

Since I was a wee lass I have loved to clean.  I cannot think of anything more fun than running a vacuum over a dirty, dingy carpet and seeing the clean lines.  Scrubbing scum and caked on debris from my stove exhilarates me.  Moreover, checking chores off my weekend to-do list is freeing.  In middle school, I was introduced to the erasable pen.  Wipe off boards and Etch-A-Sketches soon followed.  Erasing was another way to clean something dirty whenever I wanted!  I may have an issue or two, and my friends are convinced I am more than a little OCD, but we have to get our kicks somewhere right?

Fast forward a couple of decades and now I own my own home and am responsible for keeping it clean. This is not an easy feat with a 1 year old, I have dubbed Hurricane Hayden and a husband, who drops messes behind him like Hansel and Gretel.   That soon changed when I discovered the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! This little white sponge is truly magical! It may take a little elbow grease, but it gets it done.

For me it has wiped away the painful memories of chocolate fingerprints on the walls and high heel skid marks on my hardwood floors.  Nightmarish meals that haunt my stove and oven are scrubbed away. Year old paint drippings from a redecorating project are swiped from my tiled bathroom floors and permanent marker is no match for my doors!  It has managed to remove grass stains from my back door, although it is still a mystery as how the stains got there in the first place.  Furniture has been moved back and forth throughout my home, and my walls have suffered.  Mr. Clean kisses their wounds and my painted walls are as good as new! Smoke stains from our wood-burning fireplace are blown away with a swipe and scrub.  All I have to do to perform such magical miracles is remove the sponge from its box, soak with water, ring out then scrub scrub scrub.  When that evil mess transfers to both sides of the sponge, rinse it with water, than ring it.  You may repeat and reuse the sponge as many times as you want or until it shreds in your palm.  When the sponge begins to disappear, so will the memory of those stains, spills, and messes.

Cleaning can be war, but Mr. Clean is a good one-man army!  The only battles he seems to lose are ones with soap scum and water stains.  He slows them down and makes them retreat, but they need that extra somethin’ somethin’ to knock them out!  During my research, I have learned that the Magic Eraser does not remove cast iron stains on a Trex deck, which was a serious disappointment to say the least.  Read the box, proceed at your own pace, but note that you will find more evil spells reversed with your own Magic!

Mr Clean Magic Erasers sells between $2.99 and $3.84, depending on the variety. Whether it is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original, Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber, Magic Eraser, Bath Scrubber, Magic Eraser Extra Power, you will be Misfit satisfied.  To get a $3 off coupon on Mr. Clean products, click here. See you next month! Happy Cleaning!

Kristin Bennett
Contributing Writer

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