Can You Imagine A World Without WD-40?

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but because I am self-absorbed, I will mention it again. I grew up in an Italian household and that experience was one of the building blocks of my adulthood.

As a child, there were two remedies that were always being shoved down our proverbial throats. There was the remedy for the body and the remedy for the home.

If you were sick, had pain anywhere, had nausea, could not breath, stand, sit, hear, see or speak, etc. we were taught to take Brioschi, otherwise known as the Italian insurance policy. Brioschi is an Italian antacid that we used for EVERYTHING health related. Whether it actually cured us of our symptoms, no one can say, but psychologically we always felt better after taking it.

If something went wrong in the home, we were taught to grab the WD-40. Like our health related ailments, it did not matter what the problem was, WD-40 would fix it. The house could be falling down around us, but as long as my father was holding a can of WD-40, we felt safe and secure. That bottle was and still is my father’s superhero.

Mind you, as I got older and wiser, I assumed those memories from my childhood were somewhat embellished. That was, of course, until I created my own home and found out that everything by father told us was, for the most part, true. WD-40 is a superhero and it can fix just about anything.  It has about 7 functions (Cleans, Loosens, Lubricates, Protects, Prevents, Removes, Shines) and over 2000 uses.

It can remove and clean sap and tar, wax and adhesives, crayons, pens, scuffs, gunk, debris, gum, paint, rust, etc. from just about everything. It can lubricate and loosen. It can shine dull surfaces. It can prevent and protect against bad elements, such as rust and corrosion.  It is a miracle in a spray-nozzle can.

WD-40 was created in 1953 by Norm Larsen, a chemist who set out to manufacture a line of rust prevention solvents for use in the aerospace industry. This Water Displacement invention was perfected on the 40th try, hence the name WD-40.  Though the chemical composition of the product is top secret, the company can report that it does not contain CFC’s, wax, water, silicone, kerosene or any known cancer-causing agents. A product that works as well as WD-40, I am happy to be ignorant of its ingredients.

For the full list of uses, visit the WD-40 website. Here are just a few applications we find WD-40 handy for:

  • With a little elbow grease, it removes scuff marks, crayons, coffee stains, rust stains, paint, pen and markers, glue and stickers, gum, nail polish, wax, grease, from tile, hardwood floors, glass, vinyl, plastic, metal, rubber, etc.

  • Lubricates locks, zippers, hinges, and any moving metal parts.

  • Loosens screws, knobs, nuts, bolts, blades, hinges, chair parts, machine and auto parts and other hard to undo items.

  • Prevents and removes rust from anything, including gardening tools, bikes left out in the rain, lawn equipment, car parts, etc.

  • Quiets anything that squeaks, except aggravating children, husbands or pets.

  • Can be used on all types of sporting goods, like bikes, golf clubs, hockey or ice skates.

So, I will ask the question again. Can you imagine a world without WD-40? My answer is NO. I cannot imagine what my or my father’s life would be like without it. How about you?

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