7 Ways To Make It "Write" For Your Valentine


Have you forgotten to buy a gift or card for Valentine’s Day or just didn’t have time to plan something extraordinary? If so, it is not too late!

It seems the two biggest holidays for women are New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day which tend to bring both anxiety and anticipation; anxiety if you are single and anticipation if you are in a relationship.
Whether one is kissing someone at midnight or receiving a Valentine from a secret admirer, it takes a  special someone to make or break the holiday.

We don't care what anyone says, women start thinking about Valentine's Day on the first day of February and do not stop until the fourteenth. Even the toughest or most easy going women fall victim to Valentine's Day marketing. It's not their fault, it's the system. Therefore, the likelihood of women forgetting this day is rare but just in case you fall into the minority, here are some GREAT IDEAS YOUR MAN WILL LOVE:


  1. Tell him (and mean it, when you say it) that you do not need to celebrate Valentine's Day, because you already know he loves you and you do not need a "special" day to highlight what you already know. Him being by your side is gift enough.

  2. Give him a "Hall Pass" or Special Certificate for any of the following:

         • To invite his friends over for Poker Night (Video Games, Pool, Jam Session, etc.) and allow for the smoking of cigars or other smelly substances, if applicable.

         • To attend any sporting event (concert, etc.) of his choice. You will go willingly and without argument or excuse.

         • To wake you up for sex or to have sex a certain amount of times per week. No matter how tired you are, you will happily participate.

         • Forgive him for forgetting Valentine's Day. Again, you know he loves you don't need a gift to prove it.

  3. Praise him with positive reinforcement for his good deeds, no matter how small or big. Just because it is not the way you would like something done, does not mean it is wrong. It just means it is different. Reinforcement is key and the outcome is a happy hubby.

On the other hand, men struggle the most with this holiday. Women's expectations are high; so high that they expect a spectacular affair and no matter what is done for them, it never seems to be quite good enough. Women want a fairy tale, but if they can't get the extravaganza, they will happily settle for quiet romance. Sure, flowers and chocolate would be nice, but if you do not have time, just be quietly romantic. Since romance is subjective, we asked several married women a series of romance based questions and their answers were eerily similar. So for you men out there, who need last minute ideas, try any of the following to SHOW YOUR LADY YOU LOVE HER:

  1. Finally finish the list of chores that your wife or girlfriend has been asking you to do for the last year. That alone will win you more points than a box of Godiva Chocolate.

  2. Write a love letter. Grab your pen and paper, preferably nice stationary. Exercise your memory, by recalling as many of the special moments in your relationship as possible. Express how you felt during those moments. Express how you feel about her today. When you are done, place it in an envelope and put it somewhere your partner will find it. (We suggest coupling this item with either #1, #3 or #4)

  3. Make her breakfast in bed, providing her with her favorite treats. Make sure to clean the dishes after she is done eating. Put the dishes in the dishwasher or hand wash them, dry them and put them back in the cabinet. Remember, you doing the work will show her that you love her.

  4. Send the kids to the sitter's house. Run your lady a warm bubble bath, with lit candles strewn around and soft music quietly playing in the background. Escort her to the bathroom and then leave her alone. Proceed to the kitchen to make a special dinner with her favorites (hot wings won't cut it). When she finishes with her bath, dinner should be waiting for her. Enjoy the dinner, and make sure to clean the dishes when done. Put the dishes in the dishwasher or hand wash them, dry them and put them back in the cabinet.

At the end of the day, your partner wants to know how special he or she is to you; and giving them what they need emotionally is better than what they want tangibly. That is, unless they are a Materialist Misfit. In which case, Betty says "Kick’em to the Curb!" Good luck and we are rooting for you!

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