The Misfit's Manual to Motivating Yourself to Exercise

Having trouble motivating yourself to exercise? Betty is a lazy Misfit who despises every kind of physical activity, except eating and drinking. She hates her "Bye Bye Flabby" arms. She hates her jiggly, cellulite-ridden thighs. She despises her "sometimes" double chin and saggy, old woman boobs. She does, however, like her feet but only when they are resting on her coffee table. She knows she should exercise because of all the health benefits, but her lack of motivation is crippling.

How do you get yourself to exercise when you truly hate to exert energy?

Betty has the answer! She has developed a 9-step, sure fire way, to kick your butt into gear with a program called "Naked Motivation."


1. Get undressed, skivvies and all. Hello Birthday Suit!

2. Turn on every unflattering light in the room (halogen and florescent are the best).

3. Grab your kitchen timer or stop watch.

4. Step in front of a full length mirror (make sure to have your corrective lenses on).

5. Start the timer and stand there looking at yourself for 3 minutes.

6. Jump up and down twice.

7. Grab your hand held mirror and study your backside for 1 minute.

8. Jump up and down twice.

9. Put your clothes back on. you want to exercise? If this doesn't work, either accept your flaws and stop bitching or hire a trainer. Good luck!

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