The Misfit's Manual to Correcting Salt Mishaps in Sauces

More often then not, like most people, Betty makes terrible kitchen blunders. The key is to know how to fix the problem in order to salvage the recipe or dish at hand. Salt is one of those ingredients that can make or break a dish, with very little margin for error. So, what is a Misfit to do when a salt mishap occurs? Well, depending on the error, it can be easy or very difficult to fix. This Manual is dedicated to Salt Correction in Sauces.

The Misfit Correction for a lack of salt in a sauce is pretty simple. Gradually add salt, while tasting it. When it is seasoned enough, you are done. Very easy, right?

The Misfit Correction for an excess of salt in a sauce is not so easy, but hopefully salvageable. You have a few options of what to do.

OPTION 1: Add More Liquid
Depending on the type of sauce, you may add more of the base liquid, whether it is stock, broth, tomatoes, etc.

OPTION 2: Add Lemon Juice

Use a few drops to cut the sauce. If still too salty, gradually increase the amount of lemon juice.

OPTION 3: Add Sour Cream or Crème Fraîche

Either can be used to cut the salt concentration in both meat and fish sauces. Gradually add while tasting.

OPTION 4: Heavy Cream and Sour Cream

If the sour cream alone does not work, add heavy cream. Reduce the heavy cream in combination with the sour cream and slowly add to the sauce.

OPTION 5: Raw Potatoes
This is your last resort. Add a raw, peeled and quartered potato. Raw potatoes are known to absorb salt. After 10 minutes, test to check flavor. If it is still too salty, continue another 5 minutes. Remove potatoes before serving.

In conclusion, if none of these suggestions work, Betty is sorry to say that you are screwed! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and it just isn't your day. You might as well dump that salty sauce and order some take out!

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