The Misfit’s Manual to Charming Sangria

Sangria by the Ones

Beneath the dark clouds and damp rains, spring is a-blooming and the warm; summer months are not far behind! For me, May brings warmth, flip-flops, summer gatherings and WINE!  I am definitely a self-proclaimed “wino” and look forward to any reason to dabble in the art of Sangria! Any barbecue I host, or any summer event I attend, someone is bound to ask, “Are you making Sangria?”  Why yes I am! Thank you for asking!

I have tested many recipes and have finally found one that, with some tweaking, I have turned into a quick and easy recipe for fun!  I am personally not a fan of loose pulp or bits of fruit that plop into my glass, causing that oh-so-precious ambrosia to splash out over the rim! In my house and many others, white sangria reigns superior and is always the summer winner, for it is light and will not stain those light colored clothes in the event of an “intoxicating accident.”

Make sure to keep the fun going by creating your very own Sparkling White Sangria with the recipe listed below. You will not need fresh fruits or expensive wines. For those of you who tend to make mass quantities for camping trips or all day barbecues, you will appreciate the ease and lightness of your liquor store bill!

     Serves: 10  - 15


     1 750 ml Sparkling Wine or Sweet Champagne, chilled
     1 750 ml regular White Wine, chilled
     1 liter Sprite, chilled
     1 cup Lime Juice
     1 cup Lemon Juice
     1 cup Orange Juice

  • In a large pitcher, mix the together all ingredients.

  • Stir well and serve.

 Note: You may substitute the orange juice for grape, or any other white or clear fruit juice.

So, what happens when you have enjoyed one too many glasses of Sangria and have tragically misplaced your adult “Sippy Cup”? Consider passing out Wine Glass Charms to your guests, keeping the best for yourself. Attaching unique charms to your friend’s (and your own) goblets is a fantastic way to keep things straight, especially after an inebriated day of fun.

There is nothing worse then having a front row seat to the “Which cup is mine?” debate. Folks can get dreadfully irate when their prized Sangria treasure goes astray. Trust me, I am the biggest offender. So in order to maintain the peace, I ventured out to my favorite craft store to buy the following items: Glass Beads, Summer Themed Charms and Medium-Sized Metal Earring Hoops.


1. Open the latch or clasp of the hoop.

2. Slide the beads and/or charms onto the hoop utilizing whatever pattern strikes your fancy.

3. Close the latch or clasp and VOILA! 

4. When you are ready to put the charm on the wine glass, open the clasp and place it around the bottom part of the wine glass stem. Close clasp.

It takes minutes to create and you will be the hit of the party!

Wine Glass Charms are inexpensive and unique favors for your party-going guests.  As your opening season barbecue draws to an end, and your friends begin to stumble out the front door and into their dirty yellow cabs, take comfort in the fact that they will have at least one reminder of an amazing Sangria-filled extravaganza.  Who would not love the “Don’t Forget How Awesome I Am” parting gift?

The best part is that the beads and metal earring hoops come in packages of 50+, giving you plenty of creative options.  Good luck and I’ll be waiting for my invitation!

Approximate Price: $15.00


by Kristin Bennett

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