Cleaning Supplies for Homemade Cleansers

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Category: Household
Level: Adventurous
Misfit Musthave's - Shopping Lists


  • 1 Gallon of *Ammonia
  • 1 Gallon of *Bleach
  • 1 Gallon of Distilled Vinegar
  • 1 Box of Borax
  • 1 Pound Baking Soda
  • 32 oz Rubbing (70% Isopropyl) Alcohol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Distilled or Tap Water
  • Salt
  • Vegetable, Corn or Olive Oil
  • Pair of Rubber Gloves
  • 2 Empty Spray Bottles
  • 1 Empty 14 oz Jar with 1/8" Holes Drilled in Lid
  • 1 Empty 14 oz Jar with Solid Lid
  • 1 oz Sweet Almond Essential Oil
  • 1 oz Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • 1 oz Lavender Essential Oil

*CAUTION: Ammonia and Bleach should never be mixed with each other nor other cleaning agents. Read warnings on package and understand the risks, before using.

To maintain a "Green Living" lifestyle, disregard Ammonia and Bleach. This shopping list of ingredients should provide the capability of making cleaning supplies for years to come.

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