Homemade Furniture Polish

Category: Home Cleansers

With all of the wood furniture that Betty has in her home, it is surprising that she has the money (or energy) to keep up  with the polishing. Bottle after bottle, dollar after dollar, she was ready to move to a Tahitian Hut made from palm leaves and bamboo.

But after thinking about it, she realized that she would still have to spend money polishing the bamboo. With little thought and spastic hands, she spilled vegetable oil onto her kitchen table and as she wiped it off, the wood looked beautifully polished.

If you are interested in cutting costs, try Betty's money saving discovery. When you run out of the traditional store-bought furniture polish, try making your wood furniture glow with Vegetable, Grapeseed or Olive Oil. A little goes a long way! Either pour the oil onto a soft cloth or spray directly onto your furniture. In small circles, rub the oil into the wood. Voilà, you may now cook and polish at the same time!

Hey Misfits, stay away from using Mineral Oil on your wood furniture. It will not absorb into the wood, leaving it with a slippery film or coating, similar to a Slip-n-Slide!

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