Frugal Lovers Housewarming Gift

Category: Miscellaneous

Are you in the market for a Frugal Housewarming Gift? Visit your local 99 Cent Store and pick up a few appropriate sized Mason jars or flip-top glass canisters. Go home and find your favorite cookie and brownie recipes.


• Mix together all of the dry ingredients and spices. Pour the mixture into the jar and tightly close.

• Re-type the recipe, minus the dry ingredients. Don’t forget to add a little personalized note.

• Print recipes out on a colored index card or favorite decorative paper. Cut to the appropriate size then punch a hole in the card.

• If you have an extra piece of fabric lying around, cut out a square (5" x 5") and drape it over the top on the jar. Thread ribbon or raffia through the hole of the card then tie it around the fabric, placing it just under the jar lid's lip.

Every good Frugal Misfit should think outside the box and utilize whatever is already lying around the house.

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