Frugal Flower Pots

Category: Garden


Empty Plastic Cat Litter Container(s) with Lid
1 Drop Cloth (or old shower curtain)
1 Pair of Latex Gloves
1 Can of Plastic Spray Paint Primer
1 Can of Spray Paint  (Color optional)
Set of Stencils (Optional)
1 Power Drill
1 1/4” Drill Bit
Flowers or Vegetables


• With soap and water, wash out empty plastic cat litter container.

• Set down drop cloth in a well-ventilated area and put on gloves. This can be a messy job.

• Coat the container and lid with an aerosol Plastic Primer, making sure to cover the container completely.  Let dry thoroughly.

• Using your favorite color(s), spray the container and the lid with two coats of paint. Let paint dry in between each coat.

If you are using stencils, place them in any decorative manner and attach with painter’s tape. The stencils can be placed in a straight line going around the top part of the container or in a random pattern. When spray painting with stencils, make sure to cover the outside edges. You do not want to get paint anywhere but the open stencil area.

• Once dry, turn container over and drill 4 - 6 holes through the bottom, for drainage.

• Add dirt and your choice of flowers or vegetables. Water dirt and plants completely. Place the lid, top-side up, under the container. Now you have an excess water catcher.


Special thanks goes out to my good friend and upstairs neighbor, Crocket, who embraced her Frugality and allowed me to share in her Frugal Flower Pot adventure!

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