Cutting Coupons Isn't Lame!

Category: Household

Why are you giving your money away every time you go to the store?

Now that the economy is in a recession, most people are looking for easy ways to save those cents. Betty would like to ease you into the concept of "cutting back" by opening your eyes to coupons.

Let's get you over the idea that using coupons makes you look cheap. The only one judging you is YOU. Betty would rather spend the 50 cents she saved on cleaning supplies and put it toward a good cause, like getting her legs waxed! Trust her, that is a good cause!

There are tons of coupon websites that make it easy to find, clip and print your savings. Why don't you start with or Once you get the hang of it, you can increase your effort little by little, and expand your coupon search to over the dozens of coupon clipping websites.

Good Luck and Happy Saving!

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