8 Ways to Recycle Glass Jars

Category: Household

Don’t throw out your used glass jars! Save money and recycle them in 8 different ways.

Whether the jars were used to carry mustard or garlic, roasted red peppers, pickles or anchovies, they can still be useful long after the delicacy is gone.  Clean jars with soap and water, then use. Below are 8 general Misfit suggestions for recycled glass jars:

1. Indoor or outdoor hurricane candle holder

    • Great for tea lights, votives, etc.

2. Workshop organizers
    • Great for various sized nails, screws, washers, etc.

3. Office supply holder

    • Great for paperclips, multi-sized binder clips, pens, pencils, etc.

4. Beauty supply holder

    • Great for cotton Balls, Q-Tips, hair clips, barrettes, bobby pins, razors, etc.

5. Craft supply holder
    • Great for straight pins, safety pins, buttons, beads, thread, other sewing and craft notions, etc.

6. In the kitchen
    • Great for homemade spice blend holder, salt & pepper or herb shakers (drill holes in the lid), storage for leftovers, decorative drinking glasses, decorative utensil holder, etc.

7. Gardening supply holder
    • Great for seed separator and storage, plant food, etc.

8. Workshop or kitchen space saver

    • Screw the lid(s) into the underside of a cabinet or shelf. Attach each jar to its lid by a quick turn. Now the glass jars are hanging from above instead of taking up counter or workspace.

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