Arts & CraftsKnit & Crochet Abbreviation Cheat Sheet (Download PDF)

After the 21st Century resurgence of Knitting and Crocheting, these “old school” novelties are no longer considered part of your grandmother’s pastime, but instead the current hobbies of choice for the hip and trendy. Below is the Knit & Crochet Abbreviation Cheat Sheet to help either a Beginner or Advanced Misfit decipher those pesky pattern directions.

Arts & CraftsYarn Weights & Measurements (Download PDF)

Yarn weight refers to a yarn’s thickness. It is categorized by weight, type and ply, meaning the number of strands twisted together in order to make up the yarn.

In The KitchenHerbs & Spices A to Z

Varieties, Complimentary Foods and More!

In The KitchenLegume Cooking Times Cheat Sheet (Download PDF)

It is hard for Betty to believe that people actually cook legumes from scratch. Since you can purchase just about any kind of bean already cooked and canned, the process has become an antiquated novelty. For those Misfits who have only reheated from the can, Betty wants you to know that there is a taste difference that is worth trying.

In The KitchenLiquid Measurements Cheat Sheet (Download PDF)

It seems the older Betty gets, the more her memory disintegrates, especially when it comes to remembering liquid measurements. She spends way too much time rifling through her library of 50+ cookbooks in search of conversion rates. She finally had enough and created a handy Misfit Cheat Sheet for Liquid Measurements. She suggests printing, laminating and posting this quick reference card to your refrigerator door.

In The KitchenSeafoods A to Z

Storage, Resting Times & More!

In The KitchenTemperature Conversions Cheat Sheet (Download PDF)

Betty is an American who had, what she thought, was a good education. That was until she realized that the rest of the world was on the metric system and indicated temperature by degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Everything she learned was a lie and now she is too old to be taught new tricks. So, for all of you old Misfits, who are like Betty, below is your Celsius Cheat Sheet. Now you can convert any European recipe to fit your American oven.

In The KitchenWeight & Measurement Cheat Sheet (Download PDF)

For all of the Misfits who can’t quite remember or just don’t know the Teaspoon vs. Tablespoon vs. Cup equivalents, this one’s for you...

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