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Wake & Bake

Wake & Bake is NOT a new toy from Fischer Price nor is it a new cooking style of waking up and baking a variety of pastries. It does, however, have to do with cooking away what little common sense you have left, and it’s not a lot...obviously! Subscribe Here


I heard somewhere that you should write what you know. So I’m sorry to say, if you were looking forward to this blog, you will be greatly disappointed. The closest I ever came to getting a divorce was going out with a guy that had enough potential to be marriage material. Subscribe Here

The Absolute is the Demise of Success

Why must people qualify their actions or inactions as an absolute? I will NEVER call him again! I will QUIT smoking! I will NEVER cheat on my spouse! It is annoying, they will probably fail and it is time they learn that they can’t predict the matter how persuasive (or gullible) they appear to be. Subscribe Here

Curb Your Damn Dog!

I have one simple question. When did dog owners become so lazy? Maybe they have always been lazy. I don’t know. But if I find one more pile of dog poop on my front lawn, I swear I will lose my mind! This blog is dedicated to the Pooper Scooper Law of 1978. Subscribe Here

The Truth, The Lie and The Diplomatic “Period”

Raise your hand if you have ever said something that was inappropriate, rude or just down right mean. Oh, come honest! Well just because you are in denial, I am not. Subscribe Here

Have time to kill while procrastinating your "To-do" list? Check out what's on Betty's mind. Her acerbic take on random happenings will surely entertain.

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