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About Betty Home-Mocker

     Born in a small New Jersey town in 1973, Betty grew up not having much talent for anything. High school was a cascade, always being picked last for sports, never getting asked out on dates, and acting like “a mom” to most of her friends. She, unlike most of her schoolmates, held two jobs: One at a clothing store in the local mall, and the other as a “gopher” for her father’s construction business. She learned a lot from both jobs, like the fact that she had atrocious fashion sense, and more importantly, that once she set her mind to something, she could do anything. Her High school experience was highlighted by two significant events. The first was proving to her father that women (or 4’11” High school girls) could do construction, which was solidified when she carried a bundle of shingles onto a customer’s two-story roof. The second was winning “Funniest” at her High School’s Senior Dinner. Even though she was told the voting was rigged, and that she won out of pity and not because of her unbelievably witty sense of humor, she never looked back...well...that was until she wrote her bio in the third person.

     College was good to Betty. She came into her own and began experimenting with foods, arts, crafts, and more. She was proud to say that because of her own dorm-cooked meals, she lost the Freshman 15 instead of gaining it. She majored in International Business with hopes of working in the business world, which after graduation, was accomplished. She lasted one whole year wearing suits and pantyhose, before retiring to Sunny California at the early age of 23.

     Betty has spent the last thirteen years working in Los Angeles’s super hip television industry, happily wearing jeans, t-shirts and sneakers to work. Though she prefers flip-flops, OSEA Workplace Guidelines strictly advise against it. In her free time, she has cultivated her creativity by going to cooking school, landscaping and gardening, woodworking, sewing, crocheting, masonry, painting and a plethora of other obscure activities, none of which include daily exercise.

     Betty Home-Mocker’s future is bright, hoping to be filled with food, dirt, and callused hands. She hopes that The Standup Gourmet™ will continue to bring fun-filled tidbits for years to come and that her Misfit Fans keep striving for excellence or at least mediocrity!

About Mama Mocker

     Born and raised in a small New Jersey town, Mama Mocker was an only child. Her mother, Grandma Mocker, was an Assistant Dean at Rutgers University, so Mama had a lot to live up to. During her high school and college years, her summers were spent working at the University in various departments, including working as a copy editor for an early edition of the Mental Measurements Yearbook.

     After graduation, Mama worked for the Vice President of Trade Relations for a large, internationally known pharmaceutical company, and later for the Vice President of Personnel for a subsidiary of the same company. Having married in her mid 20’s to a handsome man from southern Italy, the best part of her life began. She went from being an only child to having a large extended Italian family, that included a mother-in law, 4 brother-in-laws, 4 sister-in-laws, a plethora of nieces and nephews, and a dog. But Mama’s family was not complete until the arrival of her two beautiful daughters. They were the happiest days of Mama’s life!

     Mama was a working mom, but her children were her first priority. She raised them to be respectful, polite, and mannerly young ladies. She and her husband, Papa Mocker, made sure that every night they ate dinner together as a family. It was the time for sharing everyone’s daily activities and addressing any problems which may have arisen, like when Betty gave the boy on the bus a black  eye or when Shashi caught Betty smoking. Mama feeding her loved ones and requiring family time provided the foundation that molded her daughter’s lives.

     Her eldest daughter Shashi, who passed away in 2004 from complications of Neurofibromatosis, a debilitating genetic disease, loved to bake and make candy for her family, friends and colleagues. When Shashi learned to walk, Mama would find Cheerios in the mouths of the Mariachi Band Statues that stood in the living room. She always made sure her family and friends got special treats, even at a young age. A holiday or birthday was never complete without one of Shashi’s Sweet Treats.

     Mama’s youngest daughter, Betty, is a spirited 5’ stick of dynamite. She is and will always be amazed at Betty’s journey from Park Avenue to Hollywood, from construction to cooking school, and her ability to continually reinvent herself. Looking back, Mama can recall some poignant moments that may have predicted Betty’s Journey:

  1. After Betty learned to crawl, she could usually be found next to the dog bowl, sharing (and eating) the dog’s kibble. REVELATION: Love of food and trying new ingredients.
  2. When Betty began talking, she insisted on calling everyone to the dinner table, “Dupoo Day!” (Adult translation: “Supper’s Ready!”) REVELATION: Wanting people to join her at the table and share in her love of food.
  3. Betty drew beautiful pictures on the bluestone hearth of the fireplace with permanent markers and crayons. It not only showed her creative side, but her rebellious side as well, even at the age of three. REVELATION: Shared her love of decorating by displaying her artwork for everyone to see.(P.S. Mama wasn’t happy, and the pictures still remain there to this day!)
  4. Betty was the family taste tester, whose taste buds ensured a flavorful meal every time. “It needs more salt, too much garlic, more cheese, not enough garlic, how about some tarragon?” On and on she went. REVELATION: Learned to judge taste and knew how to embellish a recipe.

     At present, although Mama is technically “retired,” she is back working at the University part-time. This allows her the opportunity to help Betty with her new venture, whether it be editing content, double checking recipes, or taste testing.

     Working on The Standup Gourmet™ website keeps Mama active, both mentally and physically. She has dusted off her culinary cobwebs, and refreshed her memory of helpful terms and techniques from her past. Mama is happy to have passed the culinary torch on to her daughter. The teacher has become the student and for that, she is both proud and truly blessed.

     Mama hopes you will enjoy visiting The Standup Gourmet™ website, learning new skills or polishing existing ones, as much as she enjoys helping Betty bring this site to you!


     As Betty Home-Mocker sat on her somewhat comfortable living room couch, reading the closed captioning on her muted TV and procrastinating like she did so often, she reflected on the homework assignment that was lovingly bestowed upon her by one of her closest girlfriends. She was to find a legal and imaginative “outlet” for her vast creative tendencies. Her hobbies were limitless, which made the assignment nearly impossible. Grasping for ideas, she reflected back on past events that could help her accomplish this massive undertaking.

     She learned the craft of jewelry making, and made 35 beautiful necklaces. Sadly, she got bored and took them all apart, just to have something else to do. She went to cooking school in order to boost her culinary ego, knowing that she would reign ”Supreme”. She did! It worked! She learned to crochet and refused to leave the aforementioned couch until she finished 13 scarves with matching hats and mittens. Unfortunately, she was hard pressed to find anyone over the age of 6 willing to wear mittens, including the 13 people she made them for.  She took adult gymnastics classes, and tried to recruit all of her friends to trade in the treadmill for the trampoline.  She was the cult leader, and they were her acrobatic flock.

     Betty was simple and honest, and never looked at herself through rose-colored glasses.  She knew that she rarely ever finished anything she started. She hated technology. She made her own cheese.  She grew potatoes above ground, and grew corn in the middle of the city. She generally hated to exercise. She was able to eat twice her weight in food and refused to maintain any semblance of a healthy lifestyle.  She knew better than anyone that she was a Misfit and proudly embraced it.

     Working in the Entertainment Business had given Betty the time to harness her hobbies. She spent much of the time unemployed, which was great when she had a project to do around the house or garden. But on those occasions when her “To Do” list was complete, she sat home, paying bills with money she didn’t have, logging on to Facebook to stalk past boyfriends, watching re-runs of Little House on the Prairie (anticipating the reunion of Half-Pint and Almonzo), and waiting for Tanya, the mail lady, to deliver her next installment of Netflix movies. If she could do all that, then brain storming for the ultimate legal and imaginative “outlet” for her creative tendencies should be simple!

     So, with that overwhelming task at hand, Betty decided to eat two Trader Joe’s Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies. She devoured 240 calories and 14 grams of fat, plus a glass of FAT-FREE milk without even taking a breath. Betty believed (and still believes) that nothing is better than eating to help jumpstart the creative process. She wished that eating those cookies had gotten her brain waves moving, but all it did was give her the yen to eat two more. But her “outlet” was calling, so she put down the bag of chocolaty goodness (for the moment), picked up a pen, and began to ponder.

     Two days and 12 cookies later, and with the help of an exorbitant amount of complex-carbohydrates, she decided to create The Standup Gourmet™, an online website encompassing her love for food, gardening and anything home related, as well as other unique tidbits yet to be thought of.

     WELCOME to The Standup Gourmet™, the by-product of that two-day, cookie eating, carb ingesting, brain storming session. She hopes you enjoy it. Happy Reading! Happy Eating! Happy Everything!

"It doesn't matter whether you are a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level Misfit. You are oddly awesome and are, contrary to popular belief, one cool cat!"

Betty Home-Mocker Signature